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disability is never inability

Eunice was born physically disabled, she has a round back which make her walk difficult but also there is a big swolle on her back an every single day it is growing bigger.<div>Due to her disability the community took her as a symbol of badlack and so every one was running away from her, so she did not get any medical care and love as a child.</div><div>We had an opportunity to visit the village she was living for charritable works and we got to know her.She looked very dispared and very malnutitioned,We made a decision of become a blessing to her life and we toook her to our safe home, and we started the physial therapy believing that we can help her, on the proces we knew that her born are very delicate and can not be forced to go to the right position and that we are in the risk of breaking more borns, we decided to stop using weights on her legs and still looking for more oltenatives.</div><div>We enroled her to a boarding school last year 2021,it was a beautiful day for her life,and she is improving every day,</div><div>we are spending more than 100$ a moth to pay for the lady who was her clothes and support her with the things she ca not do by her selves,</div><div>Eunice is mentally fit,hands are working the only problem is with her spinal cord and legs.</div><div>we are open to receive any donation to support her and other kids at the centre.</div><div><img src="" width="468"><br></div>


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