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Tumaini Foundation

Our Causes

Spiritual support

We are helping the children spiritually to build their character and hopes,we believe in transformation, and for the transformation to occur,there must God involved who will help a child develope good character and hope for life.We give them an opportunity to worship and pray.In God we trust

Goal: 450
Pledged: 100
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Child sponsorship program

Through this program we are giving you an opportunity to serve and hold a child hands in a walk to fulfil their dreams.They have dreams that needs a helping hand including attaining quality education, accesing good health care and shelter.You can choose a child of your preference to love and care, you will be donating from 504 a month for the child to acces all the basic needs ,you will be receiving a child's updates twice a years,you will receive their accademic reports and love letters once a year.Hundreds of children are in the waiting room, you aree welcome to make a difference.

Education support
Goal: 400
Pledged: 3
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