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My name is Savera i'm 3 years old,my sister Grace is 7 years old,my sister will not go to school because she is taking care of me,i want to go to school, my day care fee is 40$ a month,will you hold my hands?

Save Homeless People

Young children specially those coming from poor family are not able to join the childhood education,because the community is not aware of the benefits of the child going to those schools,instead those children are romming arround streets and they become the victims of rape, or else their elder sisters has to quit school so that they can take care of their young sisters.

Through this program, we are going to send those children into a good day care centres for them to learn and be safe while their sisters are at school,You are welcome to support a child or two to go to the day care centre, you will make them safe and give a chance to their sisters to study.